Amcore Construction LLC, is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who possess skills, experience, and proficiency in all phases of construction. We  specialize in coordinating complex building projects and tenant improvements. We bring experience in governmental, industrial, and institutional projects, with a focus on efficiency in complex commercial construction.


Our record of accomplishments shows our commitment to recognize and understand the project and client needs thoroughly. We deliver consistent results by utilizing our experience in the industry to fully develop and plan construction from design through closeout. This, combined with excellent and cohesive communication practices, gives our projects the best opportunity for success.


Amcore enjoys a synergistic relationship with industry peers and works collaboratively with and hires qualified local businesses to encourage regional economic growth. We have successful long-lasting relationships working within our market. We have longstanding relationships working with the agencies within our market. We consistently perform work for state and federal agencies, including:


  • Veterans Administration
  • General Services Administration
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Department of Defense


We have completed projects for a number of smaller agencies, installing pump stations, lift stations, and wells for municipalities.  The agencies we've worked with include:


  • Public Works Departments
  • Parks and Rec Departments
  • Community Development
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Departments










Amcore specializes is coordinating complex building projects and tenant improvements.  We typically self-perform demolition, framing, sheetrock, openings, finishes, and flooring. Our projects include working within occupied spaces and under strict compliance protocols for security, confidentiality, and other sensitive controlled environments.  Our client relations and problem solving strategies are paramount in successful project outcomes.  We rely heavily in ongoing communication to best meet constraints, budgets, and conditions.

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Amcore's civil construction projects cover a diverse geographic region and serve a variety of purposes. We typically self-perform site work, demolition, excavation, pipe/pump/valve installations, start-ups and commissioning. Some of our projects include reconstruction levees, river diversions and beach replenishment, infrastructure improvements and construction roads. Our civil projects benefit and enhance their respective communities.

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Amcore's strong portfolio of projects prove our understanding that the key to project success is listening to the client and their customers. Gaining a complete understanding of the client's goals, vision, facility utilization, and operating constraints, we provide recommendations and solutions that result in efficient use of the building environment and budget. We pride ourselves in partnering with the client from beginning to end.

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DESIGN BUILD Construction


Amcore executes customized design build systems to meet client specifications while optimizing system efficiencies and effectiveness.  We understand effective and clear communication among all vested parties is a top priority.  We take the time to thoroughly understand/define project goals, vision, utilization, and constraints.  The result being a comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach to the construction process.

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mission statement

The name Amcore is a statement to the importance of small business in America. We understand that small businesses, from the owner to the employees, are the foundation of what makes America great. Ethical Work Practices, Reliable Results, and Empowered Employees are how we move our business model forward. We put people to work in the communities we work in, and we keep them working. Our local and project communities are important to us. They are the Core of our business. Our mission statement is around that idea and in the name - Amcore Construction. We participate in events, we are tied to our communities, and we rely on our communities for supporting the work that keeps Amcore and America moving.

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